Frank Casciani

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Scope name: Liberty Egg
Year: 2001
Limited edition: Limited
Signed: Yes
Scope type: Cell(handheld)
Exterior material: Goose egg shell
Object cell type: Oil-filled
Objects: Found pieces
Mirror system: 3 mirror
Symmetry: 5-point
Special features: This is #47 of 50. Goose Egg Scope. Decorated with red, white and blue sparkles in a flag-like design. A lamp-worked flag is permanently attached to the end of the object cell (a round clear oil-filled marble). Commemorative scope for the victims of 09/11/2001. Group of artists collaborated: Chesnik Scopes, La Petite Decor, Infinite Images, Regal Plating, KD Scopes, Corki Weeks Kaleidoscopes, Gentry Glass and Koch kaleidoscopes. Sale and proceeds were donated to the Liberty Disaster Relief Fund