Kaleidoscope Collector

Below are the kaleidoscope artists currently represented in my kaleidoscope collection. This is not intended to be a definitive presentation, as there are many fine artists who are not presently in my collection. That's what makes collecting fun.

Click on an artist's name to see his/her kaleidoscopes. Each scope has accompanying exterior images, and most have interior images. Along with the images is basic information regarding each kaleidoscope.

The web pages were generated automatically using Kaleidotrak, software specifically designed for kaleidoscope collectors. Kaleidotrak allows you to organize your kaleidoscope collection for reference, organizational, and insurance purposes.

I hope these kaleidoscopes will educate and stimulate you, and will make you want to further explore the world of kaleidoscopes. I encourage you to visit your local kaleidoscope galleries, and if you are not already a member, to join the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society. A benefit of membership is attending the annual Kaleidoscope Convention, where the best kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope artists from around the world can be found. It's a great opportunity to meet world-class kaleidoscope artists and discuss their work. I find this to be the most rewarding aspect of the Convention, and of kaleidoscope collecting in general.

Latest addition: Brewster handheld (manufactured by P. Carpenter)

Antique kaleidoscopes Sir David Brewster Charles Bush

Bob & Grace Ade Ben Ansley Stephen Auger
Jerry Beall Carolyn Bennett Henry Bergeson
Mary Boll Dave Borman Frank Casciani
Janice & Ray Chesnik Phil Coghill David Collier
Robert Cook & Jocelyn Teh Allen Crandell Skeeter & Peter DeMattia
Don Doak Sam Douglas Luc & Sallie Durette
Dennis & Diane Falconer Steven Gray Greg Hanks
Deborah & Kevin Healy Wiley Jobe David Kalish
Charles Karadimos Judith Karelitz Peggy & Steve Kittleson
Randy & Shelley Knapp Paul & Susan Knox Andrew & Robyn Leary
Ron & Claudia Lee Earl McNeil Bob McWilliam
Megumi & Asami Mizuhiro Sherry Moser Craig Musser
Bill O'Connor Tom & Carol Paretti Judith Paul & Tom Durden
Tom Raredon Michael Redmond Mark & Carole Reynolds
Peach Reynolds Bob & Sue Rioux Howard Smith
Will Smith Rick Snyder Willie Stevenson
Dominique Stora Glenn & Ben Straub Massimo Strino
David Sugich Marc & Susan Tickle Corki Weeks
Danny Wilson Yuriko & Mitsuru Yoda Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Scope Favors