Dennis & Diane Falconer

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Scope name: Ice Caves
Limited edition: Limited
Signed: Yes
Scope type: Handheld
Exterior material: Glass(blown)
Object cell type: Oil-filled
Objects: Liquid filled ampules
Mirror system: 3 mirror
Special features: I was lucky enough to acquire two of these much sought-after scopes, #10 and #56. The scopes are very different, owing to the different objects used in the chambers. #10 is very ice-like with clear blues, greens, and golds, while #56 has much more primary colored objects, i.e. reds, blues, burgundy. Both have liquid-filled ampules. The exterior is hand blown glass with a dichroic coating on the mirror exteriors. The scope sits on a polished marble base.

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Scope name: GoldFire
Limited edition: Numbered
Signed: Etched
Scope type: Cell(parlor)
Exterior material: Aluminum/wood
Object cell type: Polarized
Objects: Polarizing
Mirror system: 2 mirror
Symmetry: 6-point
Special features: This is #48. I don't know how many were made in the series. Intricate image made by polarizing filter in the object chamber, which contains some liquid-filled ampules. Offers a subtlely of color not found in non-polarized kaleidoscopes.